About Us

They say the purpose of life is to find your gift then give it away. Our gift involves designing and crafting authentic home decor that tells a story.
The growth ruler a best friend receives at her baby shower symbolizes excitement for the future when her baby starts to stand and beam with pride each time a new height is achieved. 
The serving tray a couple uses to present a home cooked meal for family represents gratitude and togetherness in their new home.
A mother’s favorite words painted on wood years after she lost her cancer battle keeps her beautiful spirit alive with just one glance.
Our gift is to help you celebrate each chapter in your life story and those of your loved ones. In turn, you will help write a chapter in someone else’s story. 10% of profits from each Giving Creation you purchase will go to a featured charity. These are the gifts that keep on giving. Thank you for supporting our dream and letting us gift you.